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Kiri Luchile ([personal profile] ribbonaccessory) wrote2008-07-29 11:54 pm
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fun facts!

IE: Possibly important for interaction with Kiri.

1. Kiri's powers

Ability 1: When Kiri touches people, it boosts both their and his vitality. According to canon, he can cure at least colds and can help quicken the healing rate of injuries.

He's not stingy about his power, so if he sees someone with any ailment or injury, he'll offer to help.

Ability 2, "Flare": When he joins hands with other people, everyone's strength, speed, stamina, etc. is increased by the number of people holding hands. Two people, twice the power; three people, thrice; so on and so forth. Therefore, both he and El are always stronger than the average person. (This might not matter so much in camp!) If you touch either of them, you'll feel a sensation like your body feels lighter, particularly so since there's two of them, and will feel heavier when contact is broken. Handy for a fight, which he seems used to to a degree.

Just a note: since Kiri doesn't know anyone else with these powers, it's implied that he doesn't know everything his body can do yet. It's certainly been foreshadowed that there's more to Flare than he realises, and possibly something sinister involving his abilities. But that's for another time, when we have more canon.

2. He paints/sculpts/sews!

Probably what needs to be noted in particular is the sewing. He'll offer to fix any tears he might spot, which he'll fix lightning fast and with perfect stitching! Possibly by sewing on a cartoon-y animal-face patch of somewhat childish, questionable taste! (I'll update some examples in a bit.) Feel free to get annoyed when that happens. :D

3. Elraine is always with him.

Kiri is keeping her alive, so El will be wherever Kiri is. We'll be handling threads separately, for the most part, so assume whatever is said to him will be heard by her and vice-versa.