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hey I can hope Anyway IT'S FINALLY SCANLATED!

... sob

Once you've read it, come to our chan (#healinghandjob) and squee.

Or if you haven't already, read our canon and then come and squee.

[reserved space for possible chapter summary and theories and things later]

oh my goooood that was both a great and horrible place to end things ;; I love Kiri more than ever now
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also I am psychic
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Keeping track of stuff about Kiri and the Double Arts world for my own reference. Observations about stuff that appears in chapters, notes, thoughts, that sort of thing. Things will probably appear jumbled and not make much sense to anyone except me, so read at your own risk. (There may be a cleaned up version in the future.) I-I like commenting on things and it's a fun canon to pick apart. 8( "So why don't you just keep it locked?" you say? Well, it's not nearly as fun without an audience, really. :D Feel free to share any thoughts!

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fun facts!

Jul. 29th, 2008 11:54 pm
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IE: Possibly important for interaction with Kiri.

1. Kiri's powers

Ability 1: When Kiri touches people, it boosts both their and his vitality. According to canon, he can cure at least colds and can help quicken the healing rate of injuries.

He's not stingy about his power, so if he sees someone with any ailment or injury, he'll offer to help.

Ability 2, "Flare": When he joins hands with other people, everyone's strength, speed, stamina, etc. is increased by the number of people holding hands. Two people, twice the power; three people, thrice; so on and so forth. Therefore, both he and El are always stronger than the average person. (This might not matter so much in camp!) If you touch either of them, you'll feel a sensation like your body feels lighter, particularly so since there's two of them, and will feel heavier when contact is broken. Handy for a fight, which he seems used to to a degree.

Just a note: since Kiri doesn't know anyone else with these powers, it's implied that he doesn't know everything his body can do yet. It's certainly been foreshadowed that there's more to Flare than he realises, and possibly something sinister involving his abilities. But that's for another time, when we have more canon.

2. He paints/sculpts/sews!

Probably what needs to be noted in particular is the sewing. He'll offer to fix any tears he might spot, which he'll fix lightning fast and with perfect stitching! Possibly by sewing on a cartoon-y animal-face patch of somewhat childish, questionable taste! (I'll update some examples in a bit.) Feel free to get annoyed when that happens. :D

3. Elraine is always with him.

Kiri is keeping her alive, so El will be wherever Kiri is. We'll be handling threads separately, for the most part, so assume whatever is said to him will be heard by her and vice-versa.
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Name: Kiri Luchile
Age: 16
Eyes: red
Hair: blonde
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Bloodtype: N/A
Physical traits: Other than his impossibly spiky hair (Nomura characters got nothing on this boy, HAH), nothing of note. Well, except that he's constantly holding hands with El.
Medical info: Healthy! And he can boost other people's vitality if he touches them. I'll cover his abilities in a bit more depth in another post.

What's okay to mention around her: Uh, anything? Just not about him being fictional, please.

Abilities: Oops, forgot about this part. Well, he can make people healthier. Also he is able to multiply people's strength, speed, stamina, etc. by the number of people in the group he's holding hands with e.g. he's one of 100 people holdings hands, then all of those people have the strength of 100 people. That means that since he's holding hands with El all the time, both of them are stronger than the average person all the time.

For more "ordinary" things, he's very fast with his hands. By this, I mean he can whip out his tools and fashion a sculpture in seconds. Same deal when it comes to sewing.

Secrets: ... Hard to say. He's secretive in the manga, and there's not even 20 chapters yet, so we're still learning about him.

Note to psychics: He's concerned about getting to the Sisters' headquarters and possibly being the saviour of the world, and protecting Elraine. Other than that, he's pretty carefree.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Hugs are okay. Kissing, I'll get back to you on that. Just remember to ask!

Fighting: Stealing from El - "El and Kiri's main fighting method so far seems to be RUN AWAYYYYYY so uh. Probably not, for now. We'll see. It is a JUMP manga, so you never know what might happen." And I will add that Kiri is the one who comes up with the plans, when he can get enough time. They usually work, surprisingly! Also they're supposed to be learning how to fight so, so this will probably change later. o/

Can I shapeshift/bodyswitch/spit at/step on/etc?: Eh ... I need to think about this, but for the time being, no bodyswitching or anything. But the two of them get, er, manhandled a bit in canon, so go ahead and rough up Kiri a tad if you wish? \o/;;

Maim/murder/death: No plz.

Cooking: KIRI IS FANTASTIC AT COOKING! :Db Or at the very least, he's good at it, being capable of cooking breakfast for three.


Jul. 26th, 2008 12:00 am
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Character: Kiri Luchile
Series: Double Arts
Character age: 16

Canon: "Troy" is an incurable disease spread by touch that has been troubling the world for 700 years, and Kiri Luchile emerges as the sole person with immunity to the plague and thus the possible key to a cure. He also seems to halt the symptoms as long as skin contact with the diseased is maintained - presumably a previously undiscovered side affect of his ability to make those who he touches feel healthier. Due to this, he finds he has to remain holding hands with a Sister Elraine Figarette to prevent Troy from killing her as they journey to the Sisters' headquarters. They hope that there, by studying Kiri's body, a permanent cure can be found. Needless to say, he is very weirded out and finds everything a bit overwhelming. After all, up until this point, he had just been an ordinary boy living an ordinary life, albeit one with an interest in sewing and sculpting strange designs.

However, Kiri proves to be quick to take things in stride and is, in fact, somewhat mature for his age, being a rather calm, quirky, good-natured individual. That is not to say he's not prone to fits of frustration, annoyance and RAGE!!1! and he certainly is not above teasing - one might notice that he is a bit mean to El, whom he rarely refers to by name. But he has a good heart, which is why he voluntarily accepted going to the Sisters' HQ and is now spending his life on the run from assassins. He's not much of a fighter, but he manages to get out of most sticky situations through his second ability called "Flare", which enables each person he is holding hands with to have the strength of as many people as there are holding hands.

Sample Post:

Geh, no, don't say it. I know exactly what you mean just from the look on your face. Everyone! Just so we're clear on the matter, me and this gloomy girl here are in no way dating or intimate in any sense of the word, so don't get any wrong ideas. Seriously. ... Okay, I've heard of faces falling, but that's a new interpretation.

Well, since I have your attention, I actually have a few questions of my own. One is: where is this place, exactly? Right over there, you see, that was where the town was a few minutes ago. I just don't get how walking around any corner in the middle of town would've lead to swampland. I mean, so maybe I might've got lost, but it looks to me like this is somewhere else entirely. That leads to my second question: any idea how we got here? Depending on your answer, there may be dire consequences that involve the use of this sewing needle.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Hold on! I was joking! No need to start crying on me or anything, right? Here's your eye back. You were crying, weren't you? Wow, how ill are you guys ... I wanted to check your intentions, that's all - I mean, we're kinda on the run here. No, not for anything bad! Anyway, sorry about that. I'll make it up to you - take my hand for a second. Aw come on, don't look at me like that! I won't bite or anything. It's just I ... when I touch someone, I can make them feel better. Mostly I've done it with people who have had little things like colds and fevers, so I'm not sure how much it'll help in your case, but I think it's worth a shot. You do look like you need a boost. It might just get that eye back in your socket, heh.

H-Hey, wait a minute!! Don't come all at once, I can only handle so many at a time! And I said take my hand - where do you think you're putting yours, huh!? Jeez, you people are - downright - CRAZY! ... Hang on, how many of there are you? Crap, if you don't be careful and calm down, there's going to be more trouble--

Uugh, yuck ... Man, I warned them. Oi, is anyone still alive? What, you're all okay? But now you're all nothing but body parts ... That's actually kind of cool in a sick way. Well, I guess you guys seem alright. Reasonably. And as least none of you are dead. But see, this is why I said to be more careful. It's another thing my body can do - it's kind of annoying to explain, but you can see the result. You were all pretty frail-looking before, and now you've just gone and torn yourselves to pieces. I'm not sure if even I can help fix you all up. Damn, I might have made everything worse. ... Wait, you mean you're used to this happening? Heh, wow, that's really something. Still, it looks like you can't help yourselves, so any suggestions?

... I should try using the healing light of my what?

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