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stats & permissions

Name: Kiri Luchile
Age: 16
Eyes: red
Hair: blonde
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Bloodtype: N/A
Physical traits: Other than his impossibly spiky hair (Nomura characters got nothing on this boy, HAH), nothing of note. Well, except that he's constantly holding hands with El.
Medical info: Healthy! And he can boost other people's vitality if he touches them. I'll cover his abilities in a bit more depth in another post.

What's okay to mention around her: Uh, anything? Just not about him being fictional, please.

Abilities: Oops, forgot about this part. Well, he can make people healthier. Also he is able to multiply people's strength, speed, stamina, etc. by the number of people in the group he's holding hands with e.g. he's one of 100 people holdings hands, then all of those people have the strength of 100 people. That means that since he's holding hands with El all the time, both of them are stronger than the average person all the time.

For more "ordinary" things, he's very fast with his hands. By this, I mean he can whip out his tools and fashion a sculpture in seconds. Same deal when it comes to sewing.

Secrets: ... Hard to say. He's secretive in the manga, and there's not even 20 chapters yet, so we're still learning about him.

Note to psychics: He's concerned about getting to the Sisters' headquarters and possibly being the saviour of the world, and protecting Elraine. Other than that, he's pretty carefree.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Hugs are okay. Kissing, I'll get back to you on that. Just remember to ask!

Fighting: Stealing from El - "El and Kiri's main fighting method so far seems to be RUN AWAYYYYYY so uh. Probably not, for now. We'll see. It is a JUMP manga, so you never know what might happen." And I will add that Kiri is the one who comes up with the plans, when he can get enough time. They usually work, surprisingly! Also they're supposed to be learning how to fight so, so this will probably change later. o/

Can I shapeshift/bodyswitch/spit at/step on/etc?: Eh ... I need to think about this, but for the time being, no bodyswitching or anything. But the two of them get, er, manhandled a bit in canon, so go ahead and rough up Kiri a tad if you wish? \o/;;

Maim/murder/death: No plz.

Cooking: KIRI IS FANTASTIC AT COOKING! :Db Or at the very least, he's good at it, being capable of cooking breakfast for three.