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canon notes (chapter 1 - ???)

Keeping track of stuff about Kiri and the Double Arts world for my own reference. Observations about stuff that appears in chapters, notes, thoughts, that sort of thing. Things will probably appear jumbled and not make much sense to anyone except me, so read at your own risk. (There may be a cleaned up version in the future.) I-I like commenting on things and it's a fun canon to pick apart. 8( "So why don't you just keep it locked?" you say? Well, it's not nearly as fun without an audience, really. :D Feel free to share any thoughts!

Chapter 1
  • Kiri's hometown is Turm/Turme ("taamu"), located "southwest of the Empire" and by the sea.

  • People are apparently very curious about the arrival of Traveling Sisters: when we're introduced to El, there are people crowding around the windows to see her and watch her treat her patient.

  • Sisters wear gloves! I was dumb and did not notice this the first time, since El doesn't seem to wear them much after she meets Kiri.

  • Because Troy is so serious, people seem to expect something more ... dramatic. The procedure's actually quite simple. The Sister simply takes the patient's hand and holds it while they drain the disease from them. This is not permanent however.

  • Troy is spread by touch. (BIG DETAIL.)

  • From the scanlation: "Once infected with Troy, the disease begins to make the body produce lots of poison, and once it's accumulated, that person's body goes into a seizure and they die. When someone falls into a seizure, there's unfortunately no way to save them."

  • "Very rarely, there are girls who show high resistance to the disease. Those very scare people comprise us Sisters. So when we touch the body of a patient with Troy, we are able to absorb the poison out of their body and take it into ours. By doing so, we are able to prolong the lives of people for a while. So basically every one of us Sisters are infected with Troy already."

  • Kiri is painting some huge mural thing when we first come across him (he's not in full view yet). Looks about half-finished. (Probably never got back to it, the poor boy. ^^;)

  • Turm has bells to signify the hour (maybe?). Looks like there are about ... 5?

  • "Once stricken with a Troy seizure, death is inescapable." (Yet here we are. :D)

  • Sisters are (somehow) able to tell when a person becomes or is infected with Troy.

  • If Kiri realised at the time that El is a Sister, I think it's saying something about his good heart since he rushed to see if she was alright the moment she collapsed and touched her without thinking. If not ... It's hard to tell. What the average person knows about Tory and the Sisters is a bit ambiguous.


  • El's code is 4003 and Sister Martha Laguna is found at the Main Church/Cathedral.

  • Either El isn't used to people asking for her name or she wasn't sure she should give it since she was on the verge of dying anyway.

  • Kiri's surprise that El was about to die seems to indicate that he at least didn't know seizures by Troy meant death.

  • FOR SOME REASON, these two kids had to be told that Kiri stopping El from going into seizures meant that she wasn't having seizures specifically because he was holding her hand. Probably they would've come to the conclusion on their own B-BUT STILL OTL A-Also they had no idea of the ramifications of them having to hold hands forever until Martha pointed them out. ("Whether it's bathing, sleeping or going to the toilet, never let go of his hand! 8D")

  • Note that from this point, a lot of people find their predicament very funny.

  • Kiri is literally given no choice in the matter due to the number of lives he can save . . . possible conflict in the future?

  • Troy was discovered 700 years ago, and as at present claimed over 1 billion lives. In the past, it killed of 2/3 of the entire population of one of country.

  • Through the establishment and efforts of the Sisters (and assuming as well possible discoveries made about Troy), the spread of the disease has been halted to a degree but is obviously still serious.

  • El and Kiri seem to end up having discussions about serious business in front of the phone and forgetting Martha is still listening quite a few times.

  • The Gazelle/s or Gazelle Assassins come after the Sisters. Each member is an exceptional fighter. Everything about them is unknown, from the number of Sisters they've killed to why, although it's theorised that they kill Sisters because they are the only ones able to treat Troy.

  • Sisters are given self-defense training but the plan is always to run when faced with a Gazelle. Unfortunately, the Gazelle are persistent.

  • El notes that Kiri is "unbelievably calm" when an assassin is after them. Either he's calm under pressure or simply too used to fights due to Sui. He asks El for details about the Gazelle, so he's possibly used to coming up with plans to use in a fight.

  • Also he draws when he's bored? On a wall, no less. It's possible he has an overactive imagination, since his rendition of the assassion looks nothing like the guy, but he's good at drawing.

  • Troy has a more official name: "Vanishing Disease". This is because after/while in seizure, the body goes transparent until it finally fades away, leaving nothing but clothes.

  • Spoilers about El's backstory ...? Martha was part of the team to go and treat the people in El's town infected with Troy. Unfortunately, they arrived too late and the entire town had succumbed to the disease. El was the only one to survive. Her dream is to wipe the disease off the planet.

  • It gets clearer that Kiri dislikes the self-sacrificing nature of the Sisters. Granted, yes, there would be a chance that he could escape if they split up, but El would end up dying either by seizure or assassin. But she also has the option to stick with him and continue living, and he thinks she was willing to throw it away and hand her dream to someone else to fulfill all too easily. "You're the one who wanted to see a world without Troy, right?" She does want to live, after all. "I've already decided if you take my hand, I'll never let go. I'll make it through whatever obstacles come my way and reach that Cathedral! And I mean, of course, we'll do it together!" Guys I love this boy ♥

  • Some Gazelle are dumb. "Oh a Sister holding hands with a boy, they're such a cute couple, haha come to your dooooom >D" Sadly, not all Gazelle are this stupid.

  • Again, I think the reason Kiri is able to come up with plans for what seems like all kinds of situations is because he's friends with Sui and mostly got dragged into more than several of her fights. He makes use of Flare and the element of surprise. As for how he can follow El's movements so well in their first fight ... I can't really say whether it's due to Flare or because he's used to fights or something else entirely.

  • While he doesn't like getting hit, he'd prefer if it was him instead of El. It's possible that could've gone either way, though.

  • Of course, it's not really certain exactly what or how far he plans. "I was confident it would work, but mostly I was just going with the flow ..." sob. :(

Chapter 2
  • I love this key difference in their attitudes. "Hahaha, well it'll work out \o/" vs. "OTL OTL OTL" The reason may or may not be because guys are sensitive to this kind of thing and Kiri is, well, a boy (albeit with a surprising lack of hormones). He's also rather rational, pointing out all the things they'll have to do now that they're stuck together like explain to his parents, and that staying at his home would cost no money as opposed to an inn.

  • The Luchiles run "Luchile's Dress Making" (ignoring the lack of proper nouns in canon |D;). The store is the front of their house. Seems to be located at the top of a hill?

  • Kiri's parents are Mink ("minku") and Urates ("urates"). (We actually learn their names in the next chapter but this is easier.) Mink is tiny enough to be mistaken for his little sister (she laughs when she hears this, but I'm not all that sure exactly how she takes this). Urates is huge enough that people question if he's human ("we get that a lot"). He's kind of taciturn. Both parents are, however, hilarious as we found out later. Kiri seems to alternate between joining in with their antics to being very embarrassed by them, which is very typical. |D;

    They're also easy-going, like Kiri. The kids' quest is "not that big a deal" since Kiri's already decided to help, and they get more excited about the fact "this adorable little girl is staying with us! 8D"

  • While El is rather excitable about the whole "must hold hands at all times" business (and constantly reminds Kiri to "DON'T PEAK .////."), Kiri actually seems bored while he waits for her to take off her clothes and shower.

  • El's past experiences as a Sister haven't been good. Later, she mentions she had never regarded being one as an "honour". Flashbacks show her being told to leave as soon as she's finished treating a patient once others found out she had Troy; people have accused her of scamming them since Sisters can't cure Troy completely; children run away from her in fright because they think it only takes being close to someone with Troy to get it; people become angry with her if she bumps into them. She seems sad more than anything else about this, not wanting to be responsible for "sending a person's life into the depths of despair" with a single touch.

  • The Luchile family think on the same wavelength(?), since they all prove to her that they don't mind her being in their house all at once and continue in a kind of "that's all?" fashion.

  • Turm is regarded as the countryside, but there are few who don't know that Sisters are infected with Troy. (I'm a tad confused here, this canon is occasionally contradictory.)

  • "Stop talking nonsense! Your hand is a weapon? That's just weird! After all, this is the hand that saved tens ... no, hundreds of people, right? So relax! I'm the one person you can touch without ruining my life!" I repeat, I love this boy. ♥

  • The two spend the night with their hands bound together. And Kiri apparently lacks PJs. \o/;;